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In Carnagie Hall (New York City) 1999

Car I wecked fell asleep at the wheel  boat trip w/friend, 1999 Big Hill lake Meadowbrook Hospital, Gardner KS. In Carnagie Hall (New York City) 1999 New York City Bus Trip Home from NYC New York New York Hard Rock Cafe postcard Caney Basketball 6th grade Christi Basketball Senior picture 1993 Glamour shots 1995/In wheelchair at home My trike Every parents nightmare, by mom Student overcomes accident injuries, by Doug Armbruster Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil Colorado Picture of me and my boyfriend at my Brothers wedding


This is a picture  of Coffeyville College chior with other schools selected to  sing at Carnagie Hall in New York City in June of 1999.  I was in about the mid section on the left side somewhere I think, there was an orchestra down in front of us, who played as we sang.  Carnagie Hall is a big place outside the low ceiling we are under.  The ceilings go up really high and it is beautiful, there were a lot of seats in this building, this is where all the movie stars perform.  We stayed a week in New York,  had a blast  We also got to see the statue of liberty, went to Hard Rock Cafe, and lots more.  Since I'm disable I got to take someone with me, I took my Aunt who pushed me in the wheelchair and helped out some.  We walked a bunch so I got to take my wheelchair.