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Car I wecked ,fell asleep at the wheel (1993)

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Pontiac Phoenix

I bought this car in 1993. (This picture taken out of a car in 93) Before I graduated I wanted to get down and see my parents new house they had finished building in Cherryvale that I would have moved to if I hadn't move to my fathers house in K.C, before my senior year.  I graduated in December and just days after classes the night before I was to leave early the next morning (12-12-93) I had planned a date with a guy I worked with.  I stayed out to late (early), and because of it I  fell asleep at the wheel.   In the new car I had just bought, the driver's side seat belt didn't work or wouldn't clasp. The doctors at St. Frances told my mom I would never walk or talk again, basicly said I'd be  a vegetable, and I was supposed to be blind.  I do have a field of vision that is gone, and that is my left parefial or however its spelled, I can't see to my left, it may come back, or with the way technology is going they may bring it back someday.  They are working on this right now up North my eye specialist says.    They won't give a drivers licence to people if they can't see to their left, ha I think I know why.  But I can turn my head/eyes and look over to the left, and I can see light on my left,